Lesbian Lifestyles of the Not so Rich and Not so Famous

Since we are sick of people referring to being a Lesbian as a “Lifestyle”, Dirt & I decided to have some fun and illustrate our “Lifestyle”. (Hint: It’s pretty much like everybody else’s).

Lesbian isn’t a “Lifestyle”, it’s who we are.

The dirt from dirt

In lieu of Mrs Dirt and I repeatedly seeing it written that being a Lesbian is a β€œlifestyle”, we choose to highlight some of the β€œLesbian Lifestyle”.

Brushing our Lesbian teeth when we get up:Image 56

Having our morning Lesbian tea:2016-04-9--16-24-12

Trying to make our Lesbian bed with one of our Lesbian cats in the way:2016-04-9--16-22-00

Doing some Lesbian laundry:Image 51

Trying to find my Lesbian chapstick in THIS-UGH:2016-04-9--16-25-14

Taking Lesbian Meds for my Lesbian Respiratory Infection:2016-04-9--16-27-11

Checking to see what our other Lesbian cat is doing:2016-04-9--16-23-09

Lesbians out having some Lesbian dinner:2016-04-9--16-20-57

Lesbians checking out their Lesbian Twitters on their Lesbian Laptops:2016-04-9--16-19-42

Watching some Lesbian tv in our Lesbian living room:2016-04-9--16-26-14

Lesbians living the lesbian lifestyle-Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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36 thoughts on “Lesbian Lifestyles of the Not so Rich and Not so Famous

  1. I enjoyed this! When I think about how to many other people my partner and I are some sort of strange and exotic creatures it makes me laugh. If only they knew just how boring we are! I feel like I need something like this post in slide show presentation for the next person who clearly can’t hide their fascination with how different and interesting we must be. We sit at home and watch Netflix most nights just like everyone else!

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    • I dunno, Joanna – I could probably give you a run for your money in weirdness, as a sextilingual (or hexalingual if you prefer) music-writing catholic communist who has lived most of his life outside of his country of birth and passport, a femmy sort of faggot who (highly inconveniently) fell in love and stayed with another “femme” faggot; who feels more “at home” in lesbian than in gay male company (though I’m never really “at home”, even in my own apartment). That’s just scraping the surface of my weirdness, or ‘exoticism’.
      I would say “in solidarity”, except that “people like us” (even if you or I accepted for a moment that there could be anybody remotely like either of us) tend (probably wrongly) to put small value on solidarity, preferring to be our own special snowflakes than part of an avalanche. But we still (I hope) brush our teeth and do our laundry and care for or miss our cats, just like Saye and Dirt.
      Since I’ve ruled out ‘solidarity’, then by default
      With love,

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        • When my (muslim) sister-in-law visited recently, she lit the candle that I offered in some church or other for you (no particular intention, just general good-will). She’s called Karima, if you want to remember her in your prayers (-: If atheist readers want explanations, OK, but you have to ask.

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        • Wow, don’t go overboard, Joanna, she just helped light the candle. Do we have any reassuring prayers? Karima felt a bit embarrassed about being in a “place of worship” in her short shorts. but it’s hot here in July, nobody cares. Her partner was very put out by dipping his finger in the holy water stoup, and finding it dry, as was I. OK, it was Monday, but that’s just lazy priests. I don’t know what country you live in, but here “being catholic” is just part of who we are, our culture. People who take it too seriously are regarded as religious nutcases, just like Protestants.


        • In case any of you might happen not to be Catholics, the “liturgy of the hours” is a neo-catholic thing designed to give lay catholics the illusion that they are in some way continuing the old monastic habits of prayer. It’s not complete bollocks, but it’s pretty much bollocks. I can say this because I am “pretty much” a Catholic. Needless to say, we take a dim view of Protestants pointing out the same thing.


        • I am in the northeastern United States and I assure you, I take Catholicism quite seriously and do, in fact, do liturgy of the hour…and rosary, adoration, lectio divina, etc.

          Anyway, Karima can rest assured that God looks not on the impeccability of our deeds but the sincerity of our efforts. All things glorify God just by being themselves.

          Anyway, that’s another not-so-glamorous aspect of being gay/bisexual…we aren’t all atheists or neo-pagans with piercings and tattoos. You will more likely see me in cloak and mantilla.

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        • Ooh, I do like a nice lacy mantilla! We hardly ever see them nowadays, here in the country of their origin. My dissing of the Liturgy of the Hours was based on ignorance. I was imagining they’d ‘souped up’ or ‘dumbed down’ or otherwise ‘modernized’ the Divine Office beyond recognition, but then I looked up some of the modern versions available, and was not too disappointed (though the Benedictines may have gone overboard a little). At least they have the virtue of being reasonably clearly set out and easy to follow. With my old Dominican Breviary (no better or worse than the Roman one, I imagine), I seem to remember spending as much time flicking back and forth between rubrics, notes and calendars working out what prayers, hymns and psalms were required for the season/day as actually reciting them when I’d found them (: .

          Don’t worry, Karima already knows from her own religion that “God looks not on the impeccability of our deeds but the sincerity of our efforts”, and was less concerned about giving offence to the Almighty than to the locals. She needn’t have worried, as the only other occupant of the church was an old person too engrossed in silent prayer (or perhaps sleep, hard to tell) to pay any attention to us. In any case, both her partner and I assured her that Catholicism these days is very much a “come as you are” party: no doubt that explains the lack of mantillas!

          K. bids me thank you for remembering her in your devotions. Most of our family, being lazy, dilatory and doubtful in our various faiths, rely on the prayers of her pious muslim brother (NOT my partner, another one) and my sister’s husband, who is some kind of protestant deacon or lay-preacher, in default of our own, but it’s good to have some back-up, and “cover all bases”, as it were. I now have an unerasable image of you in full gown, cloak and peineta topped by mantilla, though I imagine you garb yourself more sensibly to do the gardening or scrub the bathtub.

          Note to Saye: I know this is wildly off-topic, but I couldn’t let my previous (ungrateful) bad-mouthing of Joanna’s religious practice go without apology.

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      • Joanna, may I interpret your ‘like’ to my comment as forgiveness?
        Whether or no, we have both trespassed off-topic too long on the patient Saye’s blog. There are many questions I would like to put to you (e.g. which version of the Breviary) which clearly have no place here. If you’re willing to talk ‘off-piste’ about that and other things not strictly relevant here, my e-mail is petrenorman@yahoo.com . Hoping to hear from you,

        (P.S. to Saye, don’t worry about publishing my e-mail address, I’m not scared of hate-mail.)

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  2. Oh, how we envy your lifestyle! We’re surprised we haven’t already seen it featured in the pages of ‘Ullo Magazine.

    T. and I have of course immediately changed our brands of toothpaste to match yours, even if we have to import them directly from Detroit or whatever other cultural hub they’re available from.

    Your laundry-pile supports my friends’ contention that I “dress like a lesbian”. Mind you, they also say I “dance like a lesbian”, which seems enormously unfair to even the least sure-footed of my sisters.

    No cats, though, not allowed in my building. Better so, since no cat could replace my friend Benny, who marched as the tiniest of semi-feral kittens into my ground-floor apartment in Brussels, and took possession of it. Everybody wanted to stroke her, but I said, she WILL scratch you. Not through ill-nature, but because she had unretractable claws (genetic). I still miss her.

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