Lesbian Crushes-For the over 35 Crowd

The dirt from dirt

In no particular order, here are a few of the crushes back-in-the-day baby dykes and dyke teens had our first crushes on:

1) Peppermint Patty- The Tomboy queen of softball and Birkenstocks, complete with Femmy gal pal Marcy. We all know somewhere today, they are living and loving together with several dogs and cats!

pepper2) Jaime Sommers aka The Bionic Woman-She was smart, sporty and pretty, AND she could rip a phone book in half with bare hands …ooh la la!

jaime3) Family’s Letitia “Buddy” Lawrence-she showed us that girls could be tough/sensitive and skateboard skilled! We either wanted to date her or be her!

buddy4) Scooby Doo’s Velma Dinkley-Cute and overlooked by everyone but baby dykes. Without her keen logic, all the Scooby Doo mysteries, would have remained a mystery!

velma5) Sabrina Duncan from Charlie’s Angels-Sabrina was kinda like Velma in the flesh, she was as cute as she…

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28 thoughts on “Lesbian Crushes-For the over 35 Crowd

  1. I identified with Marcy, but at the same time was very angry with her. She was just like a lap-dog to Patty, who clearly had no real interest in her. My real crush in Peanuts was Shroeder, the guy who played the toy piano.

    I defy you to find a gay man (or indeed a lesbian) of my generation who didn’t have a crush on Buddy Lawrence. She was both the most beautiful girl and the most beautiful boy in Hollywood – and all in one beautifully-wrapped package. “We either wanted to date her or be her!” you say. I confess I wanted both.

    Please put this response on hold until some lesbians have replied. I wouldn’t want your very first feedback to be from a raddled old queen.

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  2. “I get the idea that they think lesbian life would be like a pajama party!🙂”

    You mean you DON’T spend the whole time having pillow fights and swapping bras and panties? How will I break the news to my straight male friends? Oh, OK, problem solved; I remember now I have no straight male friends.

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  3. IBC: “She said that she wished she was a lesbian, because live between women is easier as we understand each other better, which is not exactly the smartest thing to say…”

    We recognize “(sigh) life must be so much simpler when you’re gay” as a clumsy but cute pick-up line from a disaffected straight man. I’ve fallen for it. Do you get that from straight women too?

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    • I do! Dirt certainly does too. I think it does happen a lot to gays/lesbians when dissatisfied straight people romanticize our lives…

      Infected Blood Comics is still on vacation (Oct 7-23) without internet access….hope she will chime in when she returns!


      • I hope Infected Blood Comics is having a wonderful vacation, but am counting the days till her return. I miss her. Smart move to take vacation in October, smarter still to cut yourself off from internet: only the retired and the self-employed can permit them(our)selves to do so.

        It’s a very long time since I had sex with a heterosexual man, but it often seemed to involve ‘freeing’ them in some way from the role they felt they had to play with their spouses/girlfriends. If only hets could have more ‘gay’ sex with each other, they might feel less need to come ‘bothering’ us. I feel (and read) myself becoming less than fully coherent, so maybe for a future discussion…

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