Lesbian is Normal! (Unstraightening Lesbian Series Conclusion)


Note: This is the conclusion (for now) of our Unstraightening Lesbian series, originally posted here.

The Unstraightening Lesbian series has been a bit of an arduous journey for both of us, and seemingly a bit of a departure for Dirt’s blog, which heavily focuses on trans females.

What we hope is clear at the end of this series is how intricately linked Straightbian heterosexualized definitions/demands of lesbian and lesbian transition are.

And perhaps most importantly, we want to make it clear that lesbians and straight women (Straightbians) speak/hear/process completely differently ~ as if we’re speaking different languages (because we are).

And those differences feed into why Straightbians have wreaked havoc upon lesbian lives in many ways, ranging from mild to catastrophic.

“Lesbian” has been occupied by Straightbians for centuries, and were we to write about simply well-known Straightbians alone, even if we both quit our jobs, stopped seeing family and friends, and gave up sleeping, we would still be writing Unstraightening Lesbian posts until our lasts breaths.

Lesbian now needs to be legitimately fleshed out by REAL lesbians: for lesbians, by lesbians, and about lesbians.

What lesbian actually is and what “lesbian” has been falsely paraded around as by Straightbians are at opposite poles of the Universe.

But because “lesbian” has long been defined/embodied/co-opted by straight women, “lesbian”, as it has been presented to us, has felt for all dykes to fall somewhere between alien and uncomfortable.

It is precisely this discomfort and puzzlement that has led thousands of real lesbians, both young and old, to fit into the HETEROSEXUALIZED Psychological Complex’s Gender Dysphoria/Gender Non-Conforming definitions.

The current/past portrayals of “lesbian” feel wrong to us…because what has been spoon-fed to us by the so-called “lesbian experts” who are neither lesbian nor expert is NOT LESBIAN.

This series is merely a starting point highlighting how actual lesbians have been robbed, ruined, and downtrodden by heterosexual women appropriating our space and our lives.

It is shocking and frightening to realize that, after all that has been said and all the has been done, the worst enemy to lesbians, has always been and remains Straight(bian) women.

Lesbian is NORMAL and both of us will die making sure that EVERY dyke gets the chance to realize it.

Dirt and Mrs. Dirt

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