STRAIGHTBIANS in “Lesbian” Films

Warning: If you are a lesbian, you may need to remove your eyeballs and scrub them with soap after seeing some of these pics.

The dirt from dirt

This short list of STRAIGHTBIANS in purported Lesbian films is a brief example of how STRAIGHTBIANS use/abuse and damage Lesbians, in film and in life. It is NOWHERE near the LONG list of STRAIGHTBIANS in film which date back to the beginning of film making.

In no particular order:


Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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15 thoughts on “STRAIGHTBIANS in “Lesbian” Films

  1. Let’s not forget another Gina Gershon edgy movie *puke. “Prey for rock and roll.” It started out with some promise but ended like a flower wilting in the heat.

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  2. All Over Me actually had a good message, I think. The main girl gets over her dead-end crush on her straight friend, and does the right thing by reporting the straight friend’s boyfriend to the police.
    However, on reflection I notice that a lot of the films I unthinkingly accepted as films about lesbians are actually about straightbians. And I used to wonder why I couldn’t identify with most of them.
    A lot of them seem to suggest that a woman’s sexuality can suddenly change, or is fluid, or a matter of “falling in love regardless of gender”. Who benefits from this message? Why are these the stories that get told? Is it because they have more “mainstream”/straight appeal? Because straightbians have more access to money and visibility?

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    • Yes, exactly! The message of many films seems to be that our sexuality can suddenly change (and even worse, in many cases in the movies, it usually changes so a man can win in the end)!

      I think this sort of crap has flourished for a number of reasons: Like you said: “straight” appeal; and Straightbians (and, often, the men who bankroll them) have more access to money and visibility.

      Also, I think society in general is stunningly (and sneakily) lesbophobic that they sometimes seem so ready to “accept” us…but only under their false idea of what we “should be”.

      Plus, many lesbians have bought into the false myth that any woman can be a lesbian, so perhaps many don’t even recognize that we are being insulted.

      Additionally, lesbians are so starved for any scrap of recognizing ourselves in movies, books, TV, etc. that we will willingly gobble up whatever meager or offensive portion is thrown our way just for the fleeting (and fake) sense of belonging.

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    • I only watched the first few L Words, so I don’t really know enough to have a strong opinion. But: the reason I stopped watching it after only a few episodes was because I couldn’t relate to it (at all!) as a Lesbian, so my overall feeling is that it was likely written by/for NON-Lesbians.


    • I saw some of the L-word and I didn’t like it. It just seemed like male-gaze fanservice for the most part. I heard that there are some good scenes in later seasons, like one of the characters telling another character who wants to “transition” that she can’t really become a man, but it’s not worth wadding through the bs for me.

      There was a scene where the “lesbian” couple was trying to baby trap a man by having sex with him because they were super desperate for sperm, meaning they are not actually lesbians. My cousin’s abusive husband baby trapped her; it’s a really shitty thing to do.

      I’m childfree and I just can’t relate to the whole “lesbians want kids” trope. It’s like it’s saying, “Don’t feel threatened by lesbians men, they all secretly want dick/sperm.” I read that artificial insemination results in more male offspring than normal. Haven’t we learned anything from India and China about how bad it is for women and girls to create an unbalanced sex ratio?

      I’m a scientist and I don’t know how to write fiction, but I kind of want to in an effort to cancel out some of this bs.

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      • I cringed when I saw on Twitter that they may be bringing the L Word back. Please…no! I only watched a few but could not relate AT ALL which is why I stopped watching. I really wish someone would write some realistic lesbian stuff too.


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