5 thoughts on “Lovers In a Dangerous Time

  1. Indeed it is dangerous times ahead, even though there has been a sharp rise in violence against us, against Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics and Jews just since the election.

    We dykes need to unite, perhaps living in groups and pooling all of our resources in blue states for starters. Safety is going to be paramount, especially for us more masculine looking Butches.

    After reading about the Independence initiative of California, it does not sound hopeful at least not in the near future. I am hoping upon hope that the “No trump” republicans and the senate dems are able to, at the very least, stonewall any craziness or appointees. The filibuster will be our friend.

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  2. While I would love for more lesbians to come to Canada, I think you can turn this into an opportunity to unite and fight for yourselves. Of course I am not going to judge. Nobody can inject themselves with courage. But whatever you choose to do, I’ll do my very best to support you. If you need promotion, logos or anything you can think of that I can possibly help with, I’m more than available, American sister dykes 😀

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