True Lesbian-Only Space Is Needed

Amidst all the Twitter clamor to reclaim female-only spaces, what often seems to get lost in the shuffle is the need for Lesbian-only spaces.

The main reason, besides general straight privilege and Lesbian invisibility, for this glaring omission relates to what Dirt and I talk about incessantly: The prevalent, but incorrect, assumption that any female can magically become a Lesbian.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Straightbians are typically MUCH more of a threat to Lesbian spaces, lives, and culture than the males who are inspiring all the tweeting.

Of course, the presence of males in dedicated female/Lesbian spaces is indeed problematic also, and I am not minimizing those issues at all. But that is a separate topic which others have covered thoroughly.

However, no Lesbian is ever going to mistake any male for another Lesbian. Lesbians aren’t dating males. Lesbians aren’t falling in love with them. Lesbians aren’t wasting years of our lives with them. Lesbians aren’t sleeping with them. Lesbians aren’t tempted to sleep with them. Lesbians aren’t being coerced to sleep with them. Lesbians aren’t, for the most part, even interacting with them.

Heads up: Any special-snowflake “queer” woman who spouts nonsense such as love/attraction is not about genitalia (blah-blah-blah, yada-yada-yada) is straight-up NOT a Lesbian.

So, unless males are actually overtly attacking us (otherwise known as rape!!), Lesbians generally are not truly being threatened by males.

In contrast, every day and in every way, Straightbians make life complicated, miserable, confusing, and sometimes even downright dangerous for Lesbians. Straightbians are much more of a threat to Lesbians ~ because they are posing as Lesbians, co-opting Lesbian lives/spaces/culture, wasting Lesbian time, breaking Lesbian hearts, and Hetsplaining lesbian to actual Lesbians.

What Lesbians need is space free of Straightbians of every variety: free of the remarkably misnamed “political lesbians“; free of the “bi-curious” and the “queer”; free of the straight women who are burned out on men and seem to think Lesbians are their consolation prizes; free of the narcissistic academicesque radfems with their tired and decidedly un-radical rhetoric.

What Lesbians need is our own safe space, just for us. 

Adapted Image: Original Image by Saffron Blaze, “Cotswold Vine Cottage Gate”, Creative Commons License

3 thoughts on “True Lesbian-Only Space Is Needed

  1. What a fantastic and necessary beginning of this new year! I, for one am tired of going high when they go low. Looking forward to our group. Thank you, Doctor Bennett and Dirt.

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