The On-Going Bastardization Of The Meaning Of Lesbian

Not a day goes by that at least one perverted male on Twitter follows me, tweets to me, and/or sends me a personal message, often including a dick pic (ugh!!), because I have the word “Lesbian” in my profile.


A smart and logical person will immediately see the paradox:  I state clearly that I am a LESBIAN in my profile (and a happily married one!), but yet, the use of the word “Lesbian” prompts MEN to follow, tweet to, and/or message me.


Yes, this phenomenon is but a small part of the current sad state of affairs for Lesbians who dare to continue to call ourselves Lesbians.

Unfortunately, Lesbians are misrepresented in so many ways, by so many people, that one post alone could not possibly even scratch the surface of the multiple bastardizations of our name, so this post will focus on the issue of the pornification of  the word”Lesbian”.

A quick search of #lesbian on Twitter revealed the following (and this is just the first 3 results, note that the pornified trend continues ad nauseum below where I screencapped):


Just from the incredibly small sample above, you will see that the word “Lesbian” is somehow FALSELY associated with MALE: porn, fetish, variations of “cum”, MILF, FUTA (which I had to look up because I had NO CLUE what it meant, and it means “f**cked up the a$$”), and cuckolded, amongst other incorrect and unsavory references.

I have one main word to describe my feelings about this, and that word is EWWWWWW.

Let me be clear:

Lesbians do NOT want men.

Lesbians do NOT date men.

Lesbians do NOT fantasize about men.

Lesbians do NOT have sex with men.

Lesbians do NOT want to be a part of men’s creepy porno fantasies.


Lesbians are females who are solely romantically/sexually oriented toward other females. End of story. It’s not complicated, folks.

I am reminded of Saturday nights in Lesbian bars. Almost every Saturday night, about 10:00 p.m., the door would swing open and in would walk a heterosexual couple, dressed up and eagerly scanning the bar for a target for their threesome, seemingly sure that we Lesbians would be THRILLED to be chosen for their evening shenanigans. Their hopeful faces would become increasingly LESS hopeful as they scanned the sea of dykes who did not meet their pornified fantasy. You could see the confusion on their faces. Where were all the scantily-clad nubile nymphets eager to put a smile on their faces? Who were these Lesbians and why were we ignoring them?  Occasionally, the woman of the couple would sashay onto the dance floor and attempt to dance seductively with a series of puzzled, drunk dykes who regarded this activity with a mixture of suspicion, derision, and horror. Needless to say, the straight couple would leave; puzzled, disappointed, and undoubtedly frustrated. Good riddance.

Moral of the story: Lesbians are not your bitches, hets.

Some people have asked me why I don’t simply remove Lesbian from my profile to avoid these unwanted perverts. I won’t remove Lesbian from my profile because I am stubborn. I AM a Lesbian, and I am proud to be a Lesbian. If I remove the word from my profile, I am giving up and allowing ignorance to win.

Lesbian visibility is important. Lesbian is normal and we need to stand together and stand up. The more we counteract the harmful messages, the better.

Lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, lesbian is normal, LESBIAN IS NORMAL. And our lives matter.

6 thoughts on “The On-Going Bastardization Of The Meaning Of Lesbian

  1. I partied back in the 80’s at a club called “Sue Ellens” in Dallas Texas. One Saturday night when the bodies were sweating and swaying to the DJ, a HUGE man walks in and sits down at the bar eyeing the ladies. I soon heard whispers he was football player for the Cowboys. I was thinking “What in the heck is HE doing in here?” We all found out shortly when he approached the dance floor and swooped up this tiny woman and began tossing her around like a rag doll. She was petrified but couldn’t quite squeak out anything, no words came. He then began gyrating her with his hips, a few of us were shouting out for security. It seemed like hours but security finally removed this man who was terrorizing all of us, especially the petite woman who he was sexually attacking.

    Security took this man outside, after about 20 minutes or so, security comes back in. The bar manager asks what happened. Long story short, if you are a famous athlete, you are allowed to be sexually aggressive and attack anyone without worrying about retribution. Especially lesbians. If he would have behaved this way in any other club, he would have been arrested. Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of lesbians……

    ps. Never saw that poor woman again. 😦

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