Why I Use A Pseudonym. (Not That It Is Anyone’s Business).

UPDATE: “Mary Sue” has a gargantuan bug up her butt and just published my real name (Anna Hollis) on Twitter, (purportedly) because:

Because I just bet her real name is “Mary Sue” or “realbaddeeds”. Um…probably NOT! LOL

Oh, well. I have known that people could (and likely would) dox me all along, but I didn’t see any reason to make it easier for them by handing them my real name on a platter.

I still don’t.

People like “Mary Sue” spend much time and energy making the world a worse place to inhabit. “Mary Sue” and her ilk are pitiful, petty, mean-spirited cowards with too much time on their hands and too much hate in their hearts.

Poor “Mary Sue”, bless her tiny little dried-up Grinch-like heart; I honestly hope she catches a clue and gets a life, instead of continuing to waste her precious time on earth trying to hurt others.


I really shouldn’t have to answer the question of why I use a pseudonym, because,  quite frankly, it is nobody’s business.

Plus, I have already addressed this issue several times…here is just one such example:image-7

However, since a very annoying cockroach** who is trying to play Miss Marple in a boneheaded attempt to “out” my legal name, I’m doing this post to address this issue directly.

(**Note: I think it is one known individual with multiple accounts who is attempting to shit-stir, but of course, it’s also possible that it may be a whole roach motel involved. Whatever the case, the following points will apply regardless).

Here is the latest example of this ongoing nonsense. A brand-new “egg” account with no followers, no previous tweets, and not following anyone just randomly decides to bust my chops as their first tweet??  Hmmmm, that seems rather doubtful, but let’s take a look:


Poor “Mary Sue”.  Bless her heart.


Hahahaha! Did “Mary Sue” really think this was plausible? Is she that dumb? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Here are my comments to this sort of fishing expedition, listed in no particular order:

1). I have always been open that neither Saye Bennett nor Mrs. Dirt is my real name. This fact has been mentioned numerous times here, on Dirt’s blog, and on Twitter. Not a secret, Sherlock. Please try to keep up.

2). My real first name is Anna. As with #1, this information has been mentioned many times in multiple places.

3). By far, the main reason I write using an alias is to feel like I have the freedom to say whatever I want, in any way I want. I want to be able to talk about sex. I want to be able to be non-politically-correct. I want to be able to curse. I want to be able to talk about events in my life (using aliases for everyone involved, of course) without embarrassing and/or identifying anyone else.

4). Using a pseudonym for writing has been a very common practice for a very long time. It is not nefarious, new, surprising, or mysterious.

5). There are many legitimate and smart reasons (in addition to my primary reasons, listed above) that any woman might choose to not use her real name online. The most obvious reasons are: safety and privacy.  (Um…duh!!!).

6). Anyone who claims to love and respect women would understand — without explanation — why privacy and safety are important, and therefore, that person would refrain from perpetual attempts to publicly identify me or any other woman who chooses to write anonymously. Since this individual (or group?) persists in such activity, by definition, there is no true love or respect for women present.

7). Brazenly using your own name publicly and constantly posting publicly where you are at all times may seem brave, but in reality, it is very risky. To anyone who wants to reveal my identity: Please feel free to take those risks yourself, but don’t be presumptuous/arrogant enough to risk anyone else’s safety in your misguided and twisted quest.

8). I happily reveal my full name to anyone who needs to know it, including, for example, employers, licensure/certification entities, etc. I also reveal my real name to anyone I CHOOSE to tell. “Everybody on the internet” and “annoying butt-hurt assclown trying to cause trouble” are examples which obviously do NOT meet my criteria.

9). Rudely confronting someone out of the blue in an attempt to “jar” or “disquiet” her is never a smart approach. In fact, doing so is as transparent as it is stalker-like, disturbed, deranged, and quite frankly, pathological.


Creepy much?

In summary, I don’t intend to have this conversation again. Such ploys in the future will either be completely ignored, blocked, or sent the link to this post. Life is too short to deal with unwarranted, unwelcome, and senseless drama. 


I would say it’s been nice, but I would be lying.

27 thoughts on “Why I Use A Pseudonym. (Not That It Is Anyone’s Business).

  1. I can really relate to your concerns tied to anonymity, and I find it shocking that anyone would try to “out you” and/or force your hand….that smacks of a level of entitlement that is way out of hand. We need to take people as they are, and graciously accept the invitation to connect….no one has a right to make demands on any one else…As a private person, I’m with you. It’s not that I have any thing to hide…I’m simply selective about who I choose to share certain things with…and, come on, when it comes to the internet, discretion is easily advisable. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Hi trulyunplugged, and thanks so much! You said it well…I also don’t have anything to hide but on the internet, it is advisable to be cautious. It is shocking, and bizarre, that someone would go to the trouble to act this way. Thanks again!

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  2. Hi Saye,
    You are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to give your real name, especially with the disturbed people out there. This is just an attempt at snarky guilt-tripping so tell them to ‘Jog on’. Has ‘Mary Sue’ given his real name? I think not. Keep going and Happy New Year to you and yours x

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    • Hi sketcher563, and thanks a lot! I like the “jog on!” sentiment. Yes, I agree that it is ironic that “Mary Sue” (an alias) is criticizing me for…get ready for it…USING AN ALIAS. LOL! Happy New Year to you & yours too!

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  3. “Mary Sue” is a troll who is trying to doxx you. No one has any reason to ask for someone’s last name. The only thing they could possibly need it for is to harass you. I use a pseudonym too, because the things I say, no matter how reasonable, are considered heretic in this political climate, and because I sometimes reveal TMI sexual information that I wouldn’t want to reveal under my real name. I’m surprised you feel comfortable posting a photo. As much as I like seeing your lovely smile, I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting my photo on my blog. Someone could recognize me!

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    • Thanks, I appreciate your support! Yeah, one tweet made it sound like it was Dirt who she was mad at, but then she immediately followed up and included me too, so it’s puzzling. Guess I am trying to make sense of someone who is making little sense. 😏

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      • No need to try and make sense of it. Mary Sue is doxxing you because she is angry that Dirt posts photos of FtM transitions, and she’s seeking to punish Dirt by punishing you. That’s probably the whole story.

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  4. I enjoyed your post, and I’m sorry this happened to you. I wrote recently about whether or not to use a pen name on my blog, and why I chose to stop using a pseudonym. My reason was mine. I was using the pen name as a dodge to escape the fact I was scared to share my work under my own name. The fear wasn’t because of backlash over content (I’m pretty vanilla) but rather fear that people wouldn’t like my work. I finally came to peace with the fact a lot of people won’t like my work. And that’s fine. The choice to use a pseudonym or not is personal – and is legitimate either way – and should be respected. Keep doing what you do, and thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks, James! Although our reasons were different for initially writing under a pseudonym, I agree that it’s legitimate to do so. I am glad that you found the courage to write under your own name, and I look forward to reading your blog! Anna 🙂


  5. Everybody uses pseudos on the internet – not necessarily to remain ‘anonymous’. I’m known as ‘Roman’ here, but really just because I mis-clicked one time, and thought it would be too confusing to go back and correct it. If anybody could be remotely interested, my real (passport) name is Petre Norman, address calle Los Robles 2, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Spain. I don’t offer my phone number, because we all live in different time-zones, but both Saye and Dirt know it.

    I’m basically too old to care about anonymity, or even privacy, but let us defend those who still want/need to do so. Wasn’t there a song called “Mary Sue”? Not (yet, I fear) one called “Petre Norman” or “Roman Tepner”. I’m doing my best with “Saye Bennett”, but the scansion is kinda difficult.

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