Lesbian Allies (or Enemies)?

In the last year or so, on Twitter and elsewhere, a plethora of straight-privileged so-called “gender critical” individuals have appeared, acting like they have invented the wheel, without giving credit to the ones, including my sweetie Dirt, who have been saying the same thing (and more!) for YEARS.

It’s fine to be late to the party (heck, I am too!), and when it comes to any kind of enlightenment, it’s always “better late than never”, but geez…how difficult is it to give proper credit to those who figured stuff out before you even noticed it??

As just one example out of many, yesterday, one of them tweeted a meme, brazenly using the tagline that Dirt has ALWAYS used, for years now, without giving proper credit to Dirt:


Dirt’s Tagline

When Dirt, very politely, mentioned this, and I “liked” her tweet, this individual promptly unfollowed me and completely ignored Dirt’s request, instead of simply saying “okay” or “sorry” or even (imagine this!) retweeting the meme while properly crediting Dirt.

Really?  This is the act/attitude of an “ally”?

Answer: No, it isn’t.

Bottom line: Lesbians, don’t be lulled into thinking this new wave of “gender critical” individuals are automatically our true friends or allies. I learned the hard way that there is often underlying lesbophobia lurking underneath the seemingly supportive veneer.

12 thoughts on “Lesbian Allies (or Enemies)?

    • Thanks, Tony! For me, that is what matters, that someone’s heart is in the right place. If the person had simply responded appropriately (in ANY way) to Dirt’s request, I would have been fine with that. I don’t expect perfection by any means, but I do want to see that someone cares enough to try.


    • Yes, I definitely agree with that premise overall, but in some cases, like the specific instance that prompted this post, when someone unfollows or blocks when something is pointed out to them (without any sort of attempt at conversation), I feel there’s no point with that specific person. Thanks again!


    • I’m not sure I get what you’re saying, Tony. I accept you (on rather slim testimony) as an ally, but do you wish to “mentor” me, or for me to “mentor” you?

      Of course I know perfectly well you mean neither of those things. Throwing in your lot with one “pack” of women rather than another, you want to be spoonfed by them exactly what to say and think. I think you chose the wrong pack for that, but I (and I think most people here) genuinely value your alliance and would be interested in what you independently have to say.


    • Thanks, and it was especially annoying to me that, when it was politely pointed out to her, instead of responding (at all!), she simply ignored and unfollowed. Really showed that person’s true attitude.

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