The Top Ten BEST Lesbian Films to see at Valentine’s Day NEVER Made

Another silly post, this time for Valentine’s Day…

The dirt from dirt

1). There’s Something GAY About Mary:  A cute coming of age meets coming out story!

2). When Terry Bet Callie: It began with a bet and ended in Les Romantique!

3). Tired in Tampa: Was it the Heat or her Lesbian Heart keeping her awake at night?!

4). Four Gay Weddings and a Lesbian: Will a Lesbian caterer meet her Mrs Right on the job?!

5). Two First Dates: Is the old Lesbian Adage really true?!

6). The 40 Year Old Lesbian: Too young to be put out to pasture but too old for the bar scene. Where can a single mature Lesbian meet a mate? You’ll be surprised! We were!

7). My Big Bad Bulldyke Wedding: She could fix a truck, but can she say “I do”???!!!

8). The Lesbian Wedding Singer: Will she sing at her own wedding? Only if…

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12 thoughts on “The Top Ten BEST Lesbian Films to see at Valentine’s Day NEVER Made

  1. “My Big Bad Bulldyke Wedding”: that’s what T. and I have planned when we get the paperwork out of the way and can “tie the knot” here. We have you two earmarked as our “best men”, but if Dirt wants to put on a pretty frock and be flower-girl, that’s cool too.

    Of course, we want the papers from the Town Hall, but the party afterwards must be pure faggotry and dykery.

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