With Friends Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

Recently, I have been seeing posts and memes on Facebook, calling for unity and/or wishing for simpler times, when videos of cats doing silly things were the most serious things you’d see on your Facebook feed.

I do understand the wishes to keep Facebook light & fun and free of politics. I wish that were the case too.

But the current administration makes that impossible; I am afraid those days are gone, perhaps forever. We are living in a new world now.

Why? Because when you realize that your cousin (or uncle, brother, aunt, sister, friend, neighbor, coworker) supports the Trump administration, an administration which actively promotes hate, intolerance, injustice, discrimination, and untruth, you realize that there is no way you can remain friends with that person.

Because with “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

8 thoughts on “With Friends Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

  1. Drop the mic, dyke. So true. Granted I’ve always been highly political on Facebook and my friends expect that. But like most, I am more political than usual and the butthurt from some Trump supporters that have known me for years is pretty amusing. It’s like now, they feel my every post is about them and in their heart of hearts, they know they’re guilty.

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    • My cousins were saying we need to make a political FB group and leave it there. Ha! There are already tons of political FB groups, but, more importantly, what is happening is not something we can just ignore or contain into a “special group”. The horror of what is happening is permeating our lives.

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  2. Nothing will ever be the same.

    In the days immediately following trump’s selection, the Southern Poverty Law Centre recorded more than 1000 hate crimes. The group said that they would normally expect to see this kind of figure over a six month period.

    This dramatic increase has now levelled off, but the rate of hate crimes is still above pre-election levels, the group has said. Since trump’s selection, there have been at least 16 attacks on synagogues and other Jewish centres, and swastika graffiti has appeared in public places across the country.

    The REAL harm is what the republican house and senate are doing while everyone, including the press are busy with twitler and his churlish antics.

    *Gutting the EPA

    *Saying your financial adviser can give you financial information that benefits him or her, NOT you.

    *Making it more dangerous to be a woman

    *Fucking around with the ACA, tax breaks to insurance CEO’s. Their health care plan? 1. Get sick and just die. “Soylent Green”?

    There are too many outrageous and just mean bills for me to list. If you dare, do a quick Google search and just stay perpetually pissed off.

    May the Goddess help us (women) all.

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  3. I just need to vent some more.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz R-Utah, said this morning on CNN, “Poor people would have health coverage if they didn’t spend money on that new iPhone.”

    What the fuckity fuck?!

    A smart phone is actually one of the best things a person in poverty or near poverty can have. It takes the place of a landline, library, and desktop computer. You can bank with it, check kids’ grades on it, stay connected with families and friends, search and apply for jobs, make appointments, and always be reachable for callbacks on those jobs, whether you’re at home or a shelter. It’s a great tool for productivity — and as Republicans cut public transportation and turn their eyes to libraries and ignore public broadband initiatives, you’d think they’d embrace the individualization and privatization of access to knowledge and bootstrapping.

    A smart phone is a gadget that makes my middle-class lifestyle more efficient and convenient. For people in poverty, it’s a lifeline. To attack it or offer it up as an either-or is to ignore the realities of other people’s experience at best, and to continue the stupid and cruel trope of Cadillac-driving welfare queens.

    Why don’t they just admit they HATE women, poor people, clean air, safe food. clean water, animals, plants………

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