The Chicago Dyke March Badly Needs A New Name 

Some idiots calling themselves “Chicago Dyke March” on Twitter proved that they are most certainly NOT Lesbians/Dykes with many tweets, but this one tweet in particular stood out among the general ignorance:

First of all, if you are calling yourself a “dyke march” you are, in fact, talking about (and for) Lesbians…um, duh.

Secondly, this SHOULD go without saying, but since basic facts obviously escape the notice of these buffoons, allow me to spell it out:




Perhaps it would be beneficial for these bozos to invest in a dictionary, or, at the very least, learn how to Google definitions, because their cluelessness is astonishing.

The VERY-inappropriately-named “Chicago Dyke March” only needs one simple tweak to rename themselves accurately.

In fact, since they obviously struggle with basic comprehension, I have a suggestion for their new name:

Chicago DICK March

You’re welcome.

18 thoughts on “The Chicago Dyke March Badly Needs A New Name 

  1. “Plenty of faggots like cunt and HAVE cunts.”
    I don’t think so, do you?
    Many of us may BE cunts, but that’s a separate question.
    Let’s grant “@DykeMarchChi” the honor of being both a dick and a cunt.

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  2. Oh look, homophobic straight people going into a homosexual space, dumping some hetero garbage, and then turning around and smugly acting like heterosexuality is rebellious because the homos are offended. Must be a day that ends in y. These edgelords need to move back in with their parents and dye their hair green if they want to feel like rebels so much, because the subtext of all this is YOU CAN`T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, MOM AND DAD!!!!!!

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  3. I don’t know why I still insist on writing that I think are reasonable when the queer lot shows us so much disrespect. Nay, even worse, actively work to erase us. I was blocked very quickly by that lot, gutted 😉 There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

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    • Yes, I was just commenting to Dirt a couple of days ago that when I first started Twitter and writing, I really tried to be polite and listen to people and actively have conversations. Now I am quick (sometimes even perhaps too quick!) to rip someone a new one. I think I got burned out on people (like these yahoos) wanting to spew their garbage but not even be willing to listen. I agree, some people are actively working to erase us. Those that are working to erase us don’t deserve our time or our respect.

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      • Well first of all I’m impressed that you managed to make any sense of my comment… I must really learn to take the time to re-read what I write. I think that my years of debating those who reject science mean that I’ll carry on writing considered responses/blog posts, if that’s the right word. I know I’m not going to change the minds of the likes of Chicago “Dyke” March but I try to remember the silent readers. It’s always the latter that I’m addressing, even if I’m directly replying to someone. Possibly my personality plays a part, too (I scored 42-43 on the autism spectrum quotient and am waiting to be assessed). But it does take a lot of stepping back and deep breaths, as I’m sure you’re aware. Oh, and I’ll carry on telling men who claim to be lesbians to cack off, obvs. It’s like a never-ending whack-a-mole.

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        • Though, to be clear, frustration and anger have their place, because what we are enduring as lesbians is unbelievable. We have to fight back in whatever way we can.

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        • I know I could just Google it, like everything else these days, but I’d really feel more comfortable if one of you explained to me what the “autism spectrum quotient” is. I suspect my feeling about that may itself register on the scale.

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        • It’s a questionnaire with 50 statements such as “I prefer to do things on my own than with others” or “I find social situations easy”, and you select slightly/strongly agree/disagree. It’s not a diagnostic test but if you score more than 32 points there is ground to conduct a proper assessment to determine whether you are on the spectrum or not.

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