What is a Genuine Femme?

Great post by Hekate on what REAL Femmes are like!

Genuine Femme

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Firstly, in English, “femme” is a Lesbian term. I plan to do a post on the history of the usage of the term by Lesbians, but for now I’ll focus on the meaning.

A genuine femme is, first and foremost, a genuine lesbian, a specific type of genuine lesbian.

So, What is a genuine lesbian?

A female who was born a lesbian. There are many ways in which lesbians differ from straight females, but the defining characteristic is homosexuality. By which I mean, we have an innate, biological, homosexual orientation. We sexually desire females and not males. It’s very simple. Yet, there is SOOOO much controversy around the meaning of these terms!!!! Straight people just don’t get it!!!

So, now we have defined Lesbian, what is it that makes a lesbian a femme???

Firstly, her primary desire, both sexually and of the heart, is for butches. Which brings up another…

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6 thoughts on “What is a Genuine Femme?

  1. …I’m confused but is this true Saye? that ” Firstly, her (femmes) primary desire, both sexually and of the heart, is for butches.  Is this saying that if you’re attracted to another femme than you’re not a true lesbian???

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    • No, what it means is that someone isn’t a “true Femme”; but she would be a Lesbian though (typically known as a Lipstick Lesbian).

      In other words, in the historical/correct use of the term “Femme”, it means a (Femme) Lesbian who is attracted to Butches. “Feminine presenting” Lesbians who are attracted to other “Feminine presenting” Lesbians are called Lipstick Lesbians.

      Hope this makes sense — let me know if not! 🙂


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