6 thoughts on “What is a Genuine Femme?

  1. …I’m confused but is this true Saye? that ” Firstly, her (femmes) primary desire, both sexually and of the heart, is for butches. Β Is this saying that if you’re attracted to another femme than you’re not a true lesbian???

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    • No, what it means is that someone isn’t a “true Femme”; but she would be a Lesbian though (typically known as a Lipstick Lesbian).

      In other words, in the historical/correct use of the term “Femme”, it means a (Femme) Lesbian who is attracted to Butches. “Feminine presenting” Lesbians who are attracted to other “Feminine presenting” Lesbians are called Lipstick Lesbians.

      Hope this makes sense — let me know if not! πŸ™‚


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