What’s The Deal With Lesbians and Packing: A Post By Dirt

Note: This post was written by my sweetie Dirt and originally posted here.


Dirt’s answer: 

A reader wrote to me asking about my thoughts on Lesbians who pack (and no she wasnt talking about for vacation!). Since this is something that occasionally is searched for on this blog, I figured it a good opportunity for me to address it.

There are basically two types of Dykes that pack and one of them isn’t Homosexual!

Type A Packer-Lesbians who pack almost always fall into the mid-range Dyke category. These Dykes have HUGE insecurity issues.

  • Sometimes resulting from child sexual abuse-As a Dyke, sexual abuse from a male/s would make her feel (besides the expected trauma) incongruous and strangely homophobic. Her natural Female Homosexuality would feel compromised, feeling similar to young males who are molested by adult males. The molestation for a Dyke would feel, for lack of a better word- queer. These Dykes feel the need to cover/hide their privates and by doing so with a packer (usually late teens/young adults) feel (in a warped way that by packing they are re-solidifying the Dykeness they feel that was lost from the sexual abuse). This may seem like a way back to a healthier them, except its merely a wash/rinse and repeat—growth beyond packing never occurs.
  • Sometimes resulting from acute Heterosexual Dysphoria-They pathologize their fears of not measuring up to Het men coupled simultaneously with their fears of measuring too close to Het Women. Mid-range Dyke is a delicate balancing act, they aren’t Dykey enough to routinely pass (as male) and they aren’t Dykey enough not to pass as Het Women. Most mid-range Dykes traverse these unspoken Lesbian growing pains just fine. But for those with greater insecurity issues, packing may provide them with a false sense of security. And depending on the level of insecurity may even lead them down the road to transition.
  • Sometimes resulting from coupling with STRAIGHTBIANS-The all too sexually abused/Hyper-sexual STRAIGHTBIAN is as notorious for their Lesbian ignorance as they are for the Het privilege they feel exempts them from learning/caring about Lesbian experience/culture beyond their own notions of it. STRAIGHTBIANS cant see past their own Heterosexuality (warped though it may be) and as such view Dykes/put Dykes in the male role of their favorite fantasy/fairy tale. Where insecure Dykes will unfortunately try to please their STRAIGHTBIAN by living up to her male (sexual) fantasy. Most Dykes rarely pack before dating a STRAIGHTBIAN, few however leave a relationship with a STRAIGHTBIAN without packing.

Bear in mind, a Dyke may suffer from one or all of these.

Type B Packer-Type B’s are Heterosexual Women who claim they are Dykes.

  • Type B’s are exclusively sexually abused as children. But unlike Dykes (sexually abused or otherwise), packing for Type B’s is at once protection, sexual and power over other Women.
  • Type B’s usually partner with other STRAIGHTBIANS (both buying the Lesbian lie they tell each other).
  • Type B’s however are the more rare of the STRAIGHTBIAN sect. Their personality is formed from a more right brained temperament thats has been severely sexually abused. As such they take the butch or masculine role they Heterosexually perceive Lesbians to be.
  • Type B’s are exclusively/pathologically interested/invested in BDSM where they are the master and the other STRAIGHTBIAN the submissive.
  • Type B’s are turned on by harming/hurting other Women. They see Women as weak and malleable and as persons who should be punished for such helplessness. They are dominant, therefore they cannot be Straight. Sadistic and Narcissistic.
  • Type B’s will sometimes engage in sexual encounters with Gay men in effort to satisfy their natural Heterosexuality. Usually in secret, but not always.
  • Type B’s were some of the earliest “lesbians” to transition. And remain high on the list for transition still.
  • If transgender, the testosterone increases both their hyper sexuality and their hatred and anger against Women.
  • Most often Borderlines. (BPD) But their symptoms resemble more Hetero Male Borderlines than they do Het Female Borderlines, which can confuse diagnosis if they seek professional help.

Obviously this is not an in-depth post, but it should give readers a very good starting point on why some Females pack.


12 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Lesbians and Packing: A Post By Dirt

    • Hmm…I didn’t write it, as I noted at the top, but I can answer your question.

      Dirt has been writing about this stuff for more than a decade with extensive interactions with Lesbians and Straightbians.

      So yes, it is based on “research” — but not the academic kind you are likely referring to.

      People think that unless something is (academic) “research” based, it is not valid, but that assumption is simply incorrect.

      If you care to get even a small glimpse into what is wrong with “scholarly” research, check out The New Real Peer Review on Twitter. It is an eye opener for most. And that is the tip of the iceberg of the problems with social science type “research”.

      Think about it. HOW would a topic like this possibly be “researched” in an academic setting? Self-report, that is how. And what is wrong with self-report? Well…it is SELF REPORT. Anybody can report that they are anything and report the reasons they do anything and it may or may not be even close to reality. For instance, I could report that I am a Butch Lesbian who packs because it gives me a thrill. (Untrue on all counts). But how would the researchers control for that? They couldn’t. It is all self-report of “identity”…which is why most “Lesbian experts” are neither Lesbian nor expert.

      But despite the obvious flaws inherent in much “research”, those results are what gets reported to the public as “fact”…usually in a headline that oversimplifies the topic which makes it even more misleading.

      I am glad The New Real Peer Review is attempting to open people’s eyes on this topic. So much (not all, of course, but a LOT) of the academic “research” that is done, especially in the area of “gender studies”, is biased, NOT scientifically sound, based on a limited amount of subjects, based on self-report of “identity” or “feelings”, etc. Yet it is gobbled up by a naive public and regurgitated ad nauseum until people just take it as “fact”.

      While Dirt didn’t do ACADEMIC “research” on the topic, I guarantee that she knows more about this topic than the bus load of academic Straightbians who have been falsely speaking for Lesbians up until now.

      This is a BLOG; therefore, by definition, not a “scholarly journal” (nor is it intended to be). I have a Ph.D., but as I have said many times, I am writing as a LESBIAN and not a psychologist (unless I clearly specify otherwise). So I do know a lot about “research”, in case you are wondering, but as you can see, I don’t believe that (academic) “research” has or even possibly could address this topic. Not to mention the fact that nobody in academia gives a half a crap about Lesbians anyway…it is all about trans and queer.

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  1. I find your article 100% messed up. People can pack if they want to, without automatically being labelled ‘abused’ or ‘bpd’. They can pack for no reason except that they feel like it, at any given time. Maybe they are non binary, or gender fluid, or maybe they just enjoy cross dressing. There doesn’t have to be some tragic Freudian reason for it.


    • Nobody’s Freudian here.

      And if you can read (and comprehend), I am sure you’ll notice that I didn’t write this; you should tell it to the actual author so she can address your comment herself.

      But, anyway, this post is NOT discussing any of the “nonbinary, gender fluid” crap (yes, UTTER CRAP) here.

      The post is clearly about LESBIANS.

      LESBIANS only.

      Lesbians: who either want to pack because they have their own issues of confusion due to idiots telling them they are “nonbinary” or “gender fluid”, or because they want to please their Straightbian girlfriends who are telling them they are “like men” or “gender diverse” or any other such drivel.

      Seems like those who perceive themselves to be outside the box are surprisingly stuck in another box.

      Lesbians do NOT just “feel like packing at any given time” as you so naively claim. We are FEMALE homosexuals. We don’t want, nor need, a faux dick….unless there is a reason.

      And, no, this post did NOT automatically label ANYONE “abused” or “BPD”, although those may or may not be involved.

      Again, reading comprehension is a beautiful thing; you really should try it.

      What is actually “100 percent messed up” is people like you who think it’s just fine to encourage Lesbians to try this shit and to “identify as” such nonsense as “nonbinary” or “gender fluid”.

      Get your head out of queer theory’s ass and start thinking for yourself.


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