Lesbians Are Not Mimicking Heterosexuals, Nor Do We Want To. (Duh!)

When hetsplaining Lesbian, one frequent mistake that heterosexual people make is assuming that Lesbian relationships are mimicry of straight relationships, along with the incorrect assumption that Lesbians seek to emulate straight people.

One particularly odious and completely ridiculous trope is that Butch Lesbians have “eschewed femininity” and that they are “trying to be men“, and that Femme Lesbians are playing the “straight woman” in our relationships.

No. Just NO.

It’s way past time for all of the straight people who think/say such things to remove their head from their own egocentric butts.

It is even more bizarre and distressing when such utter nonsense emerges from (alleged) “feminist allies“.

 Let’s take a look at just a couple of the multiple lesbophobic comments from these faux “feminist allies” about Dirt, and I hope that these examples will expose what they REALLY think about Lesbians and our relationships ~ underneath their FAKE, chipper “Oh, I totally support Lesbians!” rhetoric: 


Please recall that Harpy is the very same individual who came up with this gem to explain our Lesbian relationship: 


Let’s examine exactly what these self-proclaimed “feminist allies” TRULY think/feel about Lesbians underneath their bullshit “support“:

  • They are condescending, rude, hateful, and/or vicious toward us.
  • They clearly don’t understand Lesbians nor our relationships.
  • They don’t TRY to understand Lesbians nor our relationships.
  • They see Lesbians as simplistic heterosexual mimickers/wannabes.
  • They see Lesbian relationships as imitations of straight relationships.
  • They see Butch Lesbians as intentionally/willfully “non-conforming to gender norms”.
  • They think Butch Lesbians are imitating men and that they want to be men.
  • They think Femme Lesbians are imitating straight women/relationships.
  • They think Femme Lesbians are stupid, shallow, vacuous, vain, and dependent. (Which is quite an interesting perception, since they think we are imitating THEM. THINK ABOUT IT.).
  • They think that heterosexual relationships are higher status than Lesbian relationships. (For instance, in other tweets, they talked about our relationship with “marriage” and “wife” in quotation marks!).
  • They think that Dirt’s parents would/should be upset with the fact she is Butch, which shows their own underlying shocking lesbophobia.
  • They think that we are Lesbians because we are damaged in some way (“Would be intriguing to hear about her parents” is just one example).
  • They think Lesbians are simply play-acting; that our entire lives are a flimsy choice to mysteriously try to emulate heterosexuality….which doesn’t even make any sense, but apparently logic is optional for these cretins.
  • They see Lesbians only through their own narrow heterocentric lens…which is to say: they don’t really see US at all, nor do they care to.

I could go on and on, but I think that is the general summation of the falsehoods that these false allies TRULY believe about us when you scratch underneath the shiny surface of their “help“.

Once again for the slow learners: Lesbians are NOT “mimicking straight relationships” nor are we “trying to be men” (nor any other obnoxious variation of these lies). WE ARE LESBIANS. Lesbian lives/relationships are IN NO WAY related to these outlandish claims. 

These same individuals will tweet all day about how transgender individuals are allegedly trying to coerce Lesbians into sleeping with them (yada yada yada) ~ and some uniformed brown-nosers therefore mistakenly think that means that these mean-spirited twisted sisters support Lesbians:


Attention Lesbians: These faux feminists and their fawning fans are not allies to Lesbians, and they are most certainly not our friends. Furthermore, Lesbians don’t want, nor need, their so-called “help“. These people are not only NOT helping Lesbians, but they are a HUGE part of the problem themselves, by continuing to believe and to spew hateful lies and/or ignorant misconceptions about Lesbians.

With every hateful and/or ignorant tweet, these people are showing their true lesbophobic colors.

So: Keep it up, harpies & sycophants, because I WANT Lesbians to see the truth, and these folks are proving what Dirt and I are saying with every venomous word.  

21 thoughts on “Lesbians Are Not Mimicking Heterosexuals, Nor Do We Want To. (Duh!)

  1. I am getting so sick of these people that I am actually starting to hate them. I have to keep reminding myself that ALL straight women aren’t like them. I have blocked most of them because it is too stressful to see.

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    • I definitely relate to everything you are saying. I vacillate between being incredibly angry, puzzled, and hurt, and sometimes all at once. I have blocked most of them now too, but somebody (actually, a few somebodies) are screencapping everything they say so we can save it for posterity to prove how horrid these people really are.

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      • “I tend to be more comfortable showing anger.” I envy you. Publicly, I channel my anger into (attempted) humour, while privately, my boyfriend and I could write the manual for passive aggressivity, if we could sit together long enough to do it.

        Your post just made me cry, but don’t worry about that. Someone in your profession told me I was an “easy crier”, which made me cry, kinda proving her point. “Tears are the anger of the powerless” somebody or other said. More to do with glands, in my opinion, but I’m no expert in either field.

        I was very bored by history lessons in school, which mainly seemed to involve memorizing the names and dates of the kings and queens of England, but I was wrong: we should, we must be aware and attentive of our own history as dykes and faggots.

        We are witnessing a return (in almost pure and unadulterated form) to the hetsplanations of homosexuality of the 1950s and 60s, when “butch” lesbians were regarded as predatory wannabe men, and their partners as helpless victims who just needed to meet the right man to “straighten them out”, and “femme” homosexual men were wannabe women who lured randy straight men (aka our butch partners) into our web of vice.

        And all this is happening NOT because of mainstream heterosexual reaction against us, but as a result of entryist fifth-column agitation on the part of so-called transgenderists and “postmodernist” queers.

        Well, here’s a sentence I never thought I would say, or write in lipstick on a bathroom wall: I HATE QUEERS.

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        • Well said & I agree. We are going backwards at a rapid rate, but this time, it’s not just the “traditional” homophobes we are fighting (the ones who say we are sinful and an abomination to God and all that jazz), but now we have all the liberals and the postmodernists and the queers who are attempting to erase us completely. I see more and more of it everyday, and it’s hard not to cry.


  2. Have the people you talk about in posts like this said that they are gay/lesbian allies or are supportive etc? I guess I’m wondering why you refer to them as “feminist allies”. It could be that they do not at all support any family that isn’t straight etc etc etc. There are lots of people who fall into that category. Just as there are straight people who very much are allies and who do support and who are willing to listen and learn and follow the lead of gay/lesbians even if they don’t fully understand the relationship dynamics.


    • Yes, these folks who I am referring to in these posts all do openly claim on Twitter to be both feminists and Lesbian allies. Some even claim to be Lesbians themselves (not Harpy & Elle, the ones from this post, but others who are “in” with them).


      • Back in the 1970s, it was easy to be a pro-feminist gay man. Indeed, the default assumption was that if you were in any way involved in gay politics, you were pro-feminist. Where there were differences or disputes between feminists, we weren’t much called upon to “take sides”.

        The situation is completely different now. Reading something by someone who claims to be a feminist, even as a man, I am sometimes called upon to use my own judgment and maybe think, though rarely say, NO, you are not a feminist according to my understanding.

        The 70s lesbians and feminists trained me well. I know men should talk less, and listen more. But times change, and we must change with them. So I am now prepared to take a side, and as a real faggot, what other side could I take than that of real dykes like Saye and Dirt?

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        • Thanks! Lesbians & gay men do need to stick together in solidarity especially now because we are facing attacks from all sides. I never dreamed that radical feminists would end up being some of our biggest difficulties until I experienced it myself. I am not saying “all” of course, but the contingent of them who feel free to appropriate Lesbian lives through spreading the harmful idea that being a Lesbian is a choice and hetsplain Lesbian to real Lesbians. Those are our enemies, no matter how much I wish it weren’t so.


  3. Those radical feminists, they are not our allies. And considering how much time some so called Lesbians spend discussing men on their TL, I doubt that they’re actual Lesbians. Myself and no Lesbian that I know IRL talk about men… EVER. They’re not even on the radar.

    And don’t get me started on the Lesbian Feminists, those heterosexual women with their history of failed relationships with men co-opting ‘Lesbian’ for ideological and political reasons. I detest them the most.

    They’re an insult to every single Lesbian who battled throughout their youth to live healthy, happy and safe lives in the face of possible psychological and physical abuse.

    They are an insult to every single Lesbian that were subject to conversation therapy… oh wait, that’s still happening. Only these days it’s called corrective rape.

    And let’s see how many of those ‘Every woman can be a Lesbian’ crowd would be willing co-opt Lesbian if they lived in a country where they faced imprisonment, or death for being gay. They’d quite happily drop their facade and be the heterosexuals they actually are.

    They spend all of their time complaining about MtT… yet here they are too, adopting something that doesn’t belong to them either.

    Any self respecting Lesbian wouldn’t even entertain the idea of dating one of the ‘every woman can be a Lesbian crowd’… it’s a recipe for self abuse. Don’t do it. They’re not homosexual.

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    • I totally agree with ALL you said…and wow, what an excellent point about how many of these faux “lesbians” would be jumping on the bandwagon to co-opt Lesbian if prison or death were on the line!


      • 🙂

        After the comments that I’d made & read about Twitter on here, for the first time in a long time I went to have a look at some of the people that I used to follow. I now have sensory overload & tension in the back of my neck. Some things do not change lol.

        All those radical feminists still screaming about MtT people.

        So many of them are anti Lesbian and anti Gay and they don’t even realise it. They willingly ignore the damage that this whole ‘Trans ideology’ is having upon Lesbian and Gay people (insofar that so many are or have transitioned) and they fail to see the correlation between what they claim is oppressing them ‘Gender’ and what is causing gay and lesbian’s pain too…’Gender’. A lot of them could do with spending some time listening to the de-transition videos of those that have been profoundly hurt and damaged by the Trans ideology, maybe then they would develop some compassion, empathy and understanding. But somehow I doubt it. Because they only care about Lesbians insofar that they can use us as weapons to hit men in verbal arguments with. That’s when they remember we exist.

        And that’s usually about the cotton ceiling. And NO Lesbian I know, including myself has EVER been harassed or approached offline by a MtT demanding sex. Not one. But then, I do attend a Lesbian group only. But even in gay clubs I’ve never experienced it. This appears to primarily be an online phenomena. All those heterosexuals pretending to be offended on our behalf, and you and I know Saye, they don’t really care about us at all. We exist when politically convenient for them to remember that we exist.

        Because they’re ideological zealots, just like those Trans ideologists that they attack.

        Sorry Saye, I feel like I’m using your comment section to have a good old rant. I apologise. It’s that damn Twitter, it’s set me off 😉

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