What NOT Lesbian Film am I?

So many “Lesbian Movies” are NOT LESBIAN!

The dirt from dirt

These famous though not remotely β€œlesbian” movies have been renamed to reflect their true character, can you name the films original titles??

Straightbian Hearts Straightbians who happen in Vegas, role play in Vegas!

queerest colour More Blue Movie than Lesbian reality!

kissing Bored Straight Women tired of men-the Hetsplained β€œLesbian” cliche!

Hells Straightbians Teenage Het girl crushes bordering on the Borderline-hmm and why exactly was/is this listed as Lesbian?

Chasing Straightbian Hyper sexual Het Woman pretends to be a Lesbian, pretending to be a dick virgin for dick, pretending to be a Lesbian again till the next dick CUMS around.

Bound A STRAIGHTBIAN cons a Dyke to do her dirty work for her! No way! A Het Woman who needs a man or Lesbian to do all the action? Wha?

alright The Straightbian train-Straight to the next dick! All aboard!

basic Borderline STRAIGHTBIAN with a penchant for cock-oh the shock!

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