Are Lesbians Ever Attracted To Men?

Recently, I received the following comment on a post:

“I am definitely a lesbian but have been attracted to men.”

So I thought I would do a post addressing this important question:

Question: Are Lesbians Ever Attracted To Men?

Answer: No!


Image: Pixabay: Michitogo: Creative Commons CC0

3 thoughts on “Are Lesbians Ever Attracted To Men?

  1. Poor question, but good answer, Saye. I love all my lesbian friends, mostly because they’re my friends, just a bit because they’re lesbians. I love them because they DON’T want to have sex with me. I daresay I wouldn’t hate them if they did, but would feel a little disconcerted. We can joke together about Cagney vs. Lacey (and whatever the male equivalents are) but that’s just dykey/faggoty banter, isn’t it?
    I’ve nothing against young people tasting “both ends of the buffet”, but once you’re grown-up, you should know really, shouldn’t you?
    Open to contradiction, as always,


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