Unstraightening Lesbian from Social Media’s Plethora of Straightbians

I have written before about the ongoing harassment, denial, hate, insults, opposition, and sheer mean-spirited hatred that Dirt and I have faced, particularly on Twitter, due to our ongoing efforts to unSTRAIGHTen Lesbian from the twisted claws of the myriad of Straightbians who have stolen our Lesbian name and our Lesbian history, steamrolling over Lesbian lives with hetsplaining lies and arrogant straight privilege.

Unfortunately, this ongoing saga continues, because radfem straight “feminists” in general, as well as Straightbians specifically, GREATLY outnumber actual Lesbians.

Such altercations all-too-often explode into a full-blown Straightbian hissy-fit of paranoia, delusions, outright lies, mind-boggling nastiness, bizarre accusations, manipulation, gaslighting, smear campaigns, and nonsensical gibberish.

For the latest installment of the Straightbian Train To Crazy-Town, read this sorry saga at the link here.

ATTENTION: All Lesbians: If anyone tells you it is a “choice” to be a Lesbian, calls you a male for speaking up, and/or in any other way denies/denigrates Lesbian essential existence: rest assured that that person is not a Lesbian, not an ally, and not your friend. And if anyone uses insults based on appearance, age, etc. against a Lesbian/female, she is also not a true feminist. Beware.

4 thoughts on “Unstraightening Lesbian from Social Media’s Plethora of Straightbians

  1. Hey, I have been reading the series and quite astonished to see some of things about some radfems that I really liked, mary daly especially, I am brazilian so what I have access to is sometimes limited. But I was wondered if you could recommend some actual lesbian books or material in general. Thanks for the hard work.

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    • Hi monalisa, thanks for your comment! We are always in search of TRUE Lesbian writing, but are finding none so far. It seems that if it is published and popular enough to be found easily, it is NOT actually Lesbian. The only things I can think of off the top of my head is Oranges are Not the Only Fruit by Jeannette Winterson. Will keep thinking…🙂

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