Beware of Dirt and Mrs. Dirt Impersonators

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Dirt and I are WARNING any and all readers/friends/family to BEWARE/be leery of bogus emails/Twitter accounts/Facebook accounts and/or any other Social Media forms impersonating the both of us.

We know at this point FOR CERTAIN that bogus Twitter/Facebook accounts were used to gaslight/attack various women, used to give false information about both of us, including, but not limited to, the obvious lie that we are biologically male; used to drum up drama; used to waste our time; and used to attempt to gain a WARPED pathological link to Mrs. Dirt.

If you or anyone you know has or receives ANY kind of contact that claims to be either of us, you need to VERIFY it is in fact us by emailing me at or Mrs Dirt at If you do not receive a response from those (and ONLY those) email accounts, whoever you are dealing is NOT us!

dirt and Mrs. Dirt

2 thoughts on “Beware of Dirt and Mrs. Dirt Impersonators

  1. Do we really need to do that? You may be tough nuts to crack, but we know what kernel to expect. If I really can be fooled by a false Saye or a false Dirt, then not just my gaydar and lesdar, but everything that I count as “intuition” has completely abandoned me.
    But as a psychologist, you’re more aware than most of us how trivially easy it is to “trick” people. As linguists, we pretend we are “innocent observers” of the whole schemozzle, but really?
    No conclusion, just a few thoughts thrown out.

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  2. Some robot sends me a Valentine card each year, allegedly from Dirt. It’s always inappropriate enough to know it’s not really from her, but not so wildly inappropriate as to make me think it just might be. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get one this year, but there’s gay men in a nut-sack for you: yearning for pretend love from robots.

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