UnStraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Rita Mae Brown

NOTE: This is the latest in the UnStraightening Lesbian series, originally posted on Dirt’s blog, at this link.

We begin our next set of unSTRAIGHTening Lesbians with the Sneaky Pie Lavender Menace to Lesbians herself Rita Mae Brown. If not familiar with Rita Mae, she was an early element in the Radical Feminist movement after she was more or less removed from Betty Friedan‘s National Organization of Women (NOW). The purported reason Rita Mae was ousted was because she claimed at the time to be a Lesbian. Through this ousting Rita Mae and other Lesbians STRAIGHTBIANS formed the RadFem group Lavender Menace.

But it wasn’t Rita Mae’s libber angst that cloaked her in Lesbianism, it was her first novel Rubyfruit Jungle:

For making the primary point of these posts, (unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian) one really doesn’t have to look beyond Rubyfruit Jungle. The novel rapidly begins with prime character Molly STRAIGHT away focusing on DICK…no, not as in another character…but rather as in a boy the young Molly exploits for profit using his uncircumcised penis in a show and tell: (Ah penis, something every young Dyke wants to see—nope, think again honey!):

From there the novel speeds to Molly having sex with a straight female friend AND then later her straight male cousin Leroy:

A sexual relationship young Molly repeats throughout her cohabitation with cousin Leroy/his family:

Molly struggles to outgrow her illegitimate hick background which both deeply troubles/embarrasses her by heading as soon as she can to the big city; New York. Once there we encounter Molly’s first time at a gay bar with a gay male friend:

It is clear from this moment that it isn’t just the character of Molly who knows nothing about Butch or Femme Lesbians, it is Rita Mae herself who is ignorant for even posing this question at all.

Rita Mae uses her novel to slam other STRAIGHTBIANS dominating the “lesbian” bar scene: damaged Het women who could only see relationships through their own Heterosexual nature: male or female. Mo was no more a Butch than Molly; everything to them, INCLUDING Lesbian, depended solely on what they claimed to be, not what they actually were.

Rita Mae’s snobbish STRAIGHTBIAN Molly places her own warped version of Lesbian (two attractive society approved straight women having sexual relations) above that of fat ugly STRAIGHTBIANS who portray/participate in Heterosexual mimicry.

Moving on:

Rita Mae’s Molly is so disgusted by the purported lesbians she encounters at the bar she jokingly would rather encounter a rapist than entertain the notion of sex with the bar lezzies“! 

Molly apparently thinks herself miles and morals above most, even while she is fucking a small family; mother, father and underage daughter (Thank God they didn’t have any pets!):

Given Molly’s Hetero MALE mimicry (forcing herself on a woman/believing that the woman’s no equals yes) there was no surprise why Betty Friedan could no longer find a place for Rita Mae’s Radical Feminism!

Polina turns the table on Molly and entices her to role play a game Polina and her husband play involving public urinal sex (ewwww):

Molly then moves on to a date with Polina’s husband, Molly figures by fucking Paul she can be closer to Polina, does that sound like any Lesbians you know? No? Me neither!

Molly then moves on to Polina and Paul’s underage (!?!?!?!) daughter:

The dialogue for Alice wanting to have sex with her mother sounds eerily familiar, and Rita Mae’s treatment of incest as “untraumatic” is the ONLY thing “antihuman” here! 

Molly says earlier in the novel of a similar fuckfest:

Rubyfruit Jungle sums up everything that is Lesbian about Rita Mae and Lesbian in the novel: NOTHING!

That didn’t stop Rita Mae from giving advice to young suicidal Gays and Lesbians in her intro to:


Homosexuals who aren’t “successful gay people” like Rita Mae, (successful meaning Homosexuals who are Heterosexuals who use Homosexuality for their own perverse uses) dress odd, have “exaggerated mannerisms” and are apparently akin to hookers!

Rita Mae, like Molly from Rubyfruit Jungle, sees Homosexuals and/or STRAIGHTBIANS who are found in gay bars as warped, alcoholics, and obsessed with their Homosexuality (or in the case of STRAIGHTBIANS, obsessed with their claim of Homosexuality).

These people, Rita Mae tells young Gays and Lesbians, are life’s LOSERS!

Rita Mae blatantly states actual Homosexuals can simply cast off our inherent natures and be like her (a pro-incest, polygamous, bisexual)!

Rita Mae Brown, by her own admission (when convenient) cast off calling herself a Lesbian, not just because she wasn’t (and she clearly isn’t!!), but because it was no longer profitable to her now mainstream Heterosexual female audience. Rita Mae hated and still hates labels:

Being a Lesbian isn’t constricting or freeing and it mostly certainly isn’t a sarcophagus burying us alive! Like many STRAIGHTBIANS, Rita Mae donned “Lesbian” like cross dressers don woman, Lesbian for Rita functioned as fetish, financial gain, and fame.

dirt and Mrs. Dirt

3 thoughts on “UnStraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Rita Mae Brown

  1. Maybe the book was shocking at the time because it had some f/f sex scenes, but the main character is not a lesbian. I mean, she bangs her male cousin and afterwards basically wants a harem of dudes to bang. Definitely hypersexual straight or bi female behavior, not lesbian behavior. As for Rita Mae Brown, I wouldn’t assume she’s not a lesbian because of her book (after all, trashy incest sells) but her comments later on made it clear she was lying about being a lesbian.

    In general, anyone who calls being lesbian/gay “limiting” or pulls the “I don’t like labels” rhetoric is either (1) self-hating and deep in the closet or (2) not actually lesbian/gay. I think Rita Mae Brown is #2 since she explicitly said she wasn’t interested in being gay.

    (Can all the bored and creepy straight people please get their shit together and find another hobby besides pretending to be gay?)

    I still don’t understand how being exclusively homosexual (aka lesbian or gay) is ever encouraged by mainstream society. Because it isn’t! Homosexuality is persecuted in so many countries with hetero relationships held up as the ideal, specifically hetero relationships where the woman is a doormat to the man and there’s religiousness going on. You can be executed for being lesbian/gay in Iran and other countries. (Though Iran will pay for your SRS instead of executing you if you’re gay and you transition…gosh SRS and transgenderism is so progressive.)

    People are way nicer to me when they mistakenly assume that I’m straight. People who think that homosexuality is promoted by mainstream society in anyway have not checked their hetero privilege at all.

    Brown’s line about how apparently people are just being brainwashed into believing they are homosexual and that they need to be “open-minded” towards falling in love with someone of the opposite sex is just conversion therapy rhetoric. That line is so popular with fundamentalists Christians and trans activists. I came out when I was a teenager and over 13 years later I’m still not into dudes. Knowing that I’m a lesbian is a huge weight off my shoulders. Beats when I didn’t understand was I wasn’t “normal” for not wanting to sleep with men, even the handsome celebrity ones and I angsted about it a lot.

    Maybe Brown is the one who needs to be open-minded and realize that just because she was lying about being a lesbian doesn’t mean the rest of us are. No one in the alphabet soup mess wants to say it, but I will. It’s okay to be a lesbian! It’s okay to be a gay man! Accepting your homosexuality is the open-minded choice.

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    • Yes, excellent points! It truly sickens me that Rubyfruit Jungle is still held up as an iconic “lesbian” coming-of-age story. The book was puzzling (and disgusting) to me the first time I read it; now, I find it infuriating for Lesbian to be so grossly misrepresented. And, yes, her later statement about how we need to be “open-minded” is beyond sickening. Straightbians do such damage to Lesbians with their blithe ignorance and arrogant privilege.


      • I think “privilege” is a good word that describes what’s going on here. Her book gets praised for being about a lesbian character and she doesn’t try to correct those claims at all. Then she gets praise for being a lesbian icon, despite not being interested in being gay (and not actually being a lesbian.) I’m kind of laughing at “why does everyone what to put you in a box”. Actually, as a real lesbian, I’m super happy if I come out and people aren’t assholes about it. I clicked on the link and saw her picture. She’s totally white too so I guess denial of any privilege is her thing. But she doesn’t even know if she’s white. Lol, okay.

        Also, I feel like I could totally write a better book. I have zero experience in creative writing but if that awkwardly written book gets a lot of praise then the standards can’t be that high. I have a job now though so I’m busy. But less poor than usual.

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