Top Ten Truths About Lesbian Adults

Note: This was originally posted here: Top Ten Truths About Lesbian Adults

1) All Lesbian adults have either been pursued/dated or had a relationship with a STRAIGHTBIAN.

2) All Lesbian adults have been emotionally/sexually/financially (for some all three) raped by a STRAIGHTBIAN in name and/or body.

3) In all Lesbian adults, Heterosexual Dysphoria drastically subsides or disappears altogether. (Largely due to meeting other Dykes/Dyke friendships whereby solidifying we actually are mentally/emotionally and physically vastly different from Het females).

4) Along with finding other Lesbian adults/making Lesbian friends; in all adult Lesbians the long held feelings of alienation also gradually subside.

5) All Lesbian adults partnered with a STRAIGHTBIAN have difficult/complicated/relationships that heavily mirror Het couplings. Difficulties will be blamed by both the Lesbian and the STRAIGHTBIAN on Het male/female stereotypes. STRAIGHTBIANS early in the relationship often use/play up the differences in light/flirty ways.

6) All Lesbian adults if/when they partner with another Lesbian realize quickly through their shared biology that if the coupling is not compatible, they separate and move on and/or remain friends (often lifelong). And if compatible embark on a long-term relationship.

7) All Lesbian adults (regardless of lifestyle/health) drastically age better than Het females of a similar age (including STRAIGHTBIANS).

8) All Lesbian adults over the age of 30, sleep blissfully unaware of any “biological clocks”.

9) All Lesbian adults either watch sports, participate in sports (organized or other), or exercise.

10) All Lesbian adults have encountered some form of Lezbophobia; such as housing discrimination, employment discrimination, pet adoption discrimination, blatant comments/dirty looks/stares from general public etc. Lesbian biological make up exposes most Lesbians to potential Lezbophobia. Fortunately since Lesbians deal with some form of this from our most formative years, by adulthood we are emotionally and physically able handle it.

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    • Thanks for commenting! Actually, I wouldn’t expect anyone who is a radfem to agree with much (or even any!) of what we write, because radfem theory perpetuates the myth that “any woman can choose to become a lesbian”…which is offensive to lesbians since we know it’s never a “choice”. Plus, the point made could be an interest in sports (even just watching), OR playing sports, OR some other related exercise/hobby. And I have never known an actual lesbian who didn’t have some interest in either playing/watching sports and/or of fitness/exercise and/or some related game (darts, pool, etc.).

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      • When I first read this post, I thought the same thing as raunchel, because I am not interested in sports either, but then when I reread it, I realized that it does apply to me because I have always worked out and am a long distance runner.

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      • Well, not all of us believe that being a lesbian is a choice. It however is a possible choice for those women who are afflicted with an attraction to males to reject romantic and sexual involvement with them. I personally have been lucky enough to only feel attraction to women, but still never had any interest in playing sports or especially watching them. Of course, I do ski and the like, but that has more to do with what’s expected socially. I’m fortunate enough to not need much exercise to maintain my appearance, so I don’t have a personal trainer or the like either. But then again, there is a lot of variety in people.


        • No. Being a LESBIAN is NOT a “possible choice for those women who are afflicted with an attraction to males to reject romantic and sexual involvement with them”. Such a female may indeed decide to “eschew” men (what a stupid term), and may partner with a female, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE HER A LESBIAN. That would make her a STRAIGHT WOMAN who CHOOSES to not partner with males. Geez. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. One more time: being a Lesbian is NOT A FUCKING CHOICE. Plus skiing is — wait for it— a fucking SPORT!


        • Sigh. Sorry to be angry and rude, but it annoys the HELL out of me when people say that “being a Lesbian is an option for straight women”. It is NOT. It is erasing, and insulting, and wrong, and damaging, and, quite frankly, stupid. ORIENTATION IS NOT A CHOICE. Stop insulting and hurting Lesbians with such bullshit. There are thousands of blogs, books, movies, websites, etc. that peddle that tired old lie. BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Bye. P.S.: to others who may want to comment similar argumentative and incorrect nonsense: I won’t be publishing any further comments about how being a Lesbian is a “choice for straight women” or “Everybody is different” (Duh: Of course individual differences exist. That is not the point; there are still commonalities). Kindly go fuck yourselves.

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        • That’s what I was saying. It is easily possible to choose not to be involved with males. That doesn’t make one a lesbian, but it still has many advantages. And skiing is something I do because I’m expected to, I don’t particularly enjoy it.


        • Sorry if I misunderstood your meaning — but the part of your comment that I had quoted (above) sounded to me like you were saying that being a Lesbian is indeed an option for straight women (etc.) — which may seem like an arbitrary distinction to some people, but it is an important one: such a woman would not be a Lesbian. She remains straight even if she does choose to partner with women. Words matter, and to say I am sick of having to explain that distinction is the understatement of the century. I used to be a lot more patient & polite. I do feel bad when I lose my temper but it is such an important topic and I am very tired of people thinking it is okay to imply orientation is nothing but a choice and that “lesbian” is just a consolation prize for disgruntled, angry, bored, or adventurous straight women.

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  1. I have a thesis. Feel free to shoot it down, that’s what theses are for.

    My thesis is that real gay people (that includes both you and me, for the purpose of this comment) are more gay than straight people are straight.

    Take a random collection of girls, and send them to an all-girls boarding school. It won’t be very long before they start fiddling with each other. Most of them will, upon leaving school, lead perfectly conventional heterosexual lives.

    With boys or men, it’s an even shorter delay. Just send them on a weekend camping expedition, or incarcerate them for just ten days, and they’ll be wanking each other off before you can say “pouf!”

    But imagine you and I, or Dirt and I, were incarcerated in a single cell. How long would it be before our thoughts turned to sexually pleasuring each other. I can’t say never, because (thankfully) we’ve never been in that situation, but I’m inclined to think it would be much longer than for those girls in their boarding school, or those boys on their camping trip.

    I suppose the big difference (for the moment) is that men don’t claim gayness on the basis of their camping-trip experience, on the contrary, are keen to deny it, and apparently suffer from selective amnesia. Women, on the other hand…

    Sure, in the words of the song, I kissed a girl and I liked it. Am I a lesbian now? Or (too gruesome to contemplate) a het man? To uncover the grounds on which I find it less troublesome to imagine myself a lesbian than a heterosexual man, we would have to delve more deeply into my psyche than I’m prepared to do at the moment (:

    Please argue with me about this, these are just ideas floating around in my head.

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