Are We The Only Lesbians In The World?

I wish we had a nickel every time someone made a dismissive, derisive, and untrue comment implying that Dirt, myself, and/or a specific friend of oursthink that we are the only Lesbians in the world” because of our outspokenness about Straightbians. We could all retire in comfort if only someone would pay us for even a small portion of the utter nonsense spread about us.

So, I thought I would do a post addressing this specific, nonsensical, and completely irrational (yet shockingly common!) comment.

Question: Do we think we are the only Lesbians in the world?

Answer: No.

Let’s all just take a minute to really think about this claim: If we actually did think that we were the only Lesbians, there would be absolutely no need to write to/for/about Lesbians. We would just talk amongst ourselves and save ourselves a bunch of time and trouble, now wouldn’t we? (Duh!).

This message has been brought to you on behalf of my ongoing “Just Say No To Saying Ignorant Crap on Twitter” campaign. You’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “Are We The Only Lesbians In The World?

  1. Mais bien sûr que vous êtes les seules lesbiennes, et moi un des seuls lesbiens (si ça veut dire quelque chose) Excuse-moi de m’exprimer en français, mais je sais que tu as beaucoup de lectrices (et quelques peu de lecteurs?) canadiennes.
    Gaydar and (basic version) Lesdar come as standard with being a gay male. We never thought we needed a specific tool for faghag, aren’t they too obvious?
    En ce qui concerne les “straightbians”, OUI, YES, we have been and continue to be deceived, My generation at least was tricked by political rhetoric into disbelieving or distrusting our own lesdar.

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  2. You don’t think that you are the only lesbians but the only true butch-femme couple. Everyone who isn’t an identical twin of Dirt cannot be a butch lesbian. Also every black person loves to sing and dance. And their favorite food is watermelon. If not they must be mutants made to infiltrate the black community. One last time: You Are Delusional Fools with brains unfit for processing complex realities as you have lost your minds. You are incapable of self-criticism and objectivity. Paranoia has made you prisoners.


    • I don’t know whether this comment is more amusing or more sad. One thing that I am sure that it is NOT is upsetting to myself or Dirt (as was so obviously intended).

      Although such a comment does not require a serious response, nonetheless, I want to say: Once again, the utter lack of comprehension is astounding. While both Dirt and I have said that both Butch and Femme are rare, neither of us has ever said, nor implied, nor even thought, that we are the only ones.

      There is a huge difference between defining Butch as an actual innate state of being (as opposed to a so-called “performance” of “gender” as so many incorrectly presume) versus thinking that “Everyone who isn’t an identical twin of Dirt cannot be a butch lesbian”.

      Even allowing for the predictable hysterical hyperbole of Straightbians, this comment is hilariously over-the-top.

      The incredibly-racist attempted analogy is not only disgustingly offensive, but also incredibly off-topic, inane, and vapid — to the point where I wonder whether our commenter is capable of rational analysis.

      Finally, let’s look at the accusation of paranoia. Who is more a “prisoner of paranoia”?: Myself and Dirt, who are writing about topics which directly pertain to ourselves on our own blogs? Or our Ms. XX commenter, who is apparently strangely compelled to obsessively leave mean-spirited, racist, illogical comments on a stranger’s blog — a blog which, by the way, is completely optional reading?

      The answer is obvious.

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  3. Thank you for bringing this topic to light. Ignorance breeds dismissive inaccurate compliments. The most we can hope for is non-maliciousness and the opportunity to inform. I look forward to more from you. ♡

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    • Yes, I know what you mean. I think it is difficult to estimate how many actual lesbians there are, both due to the number of Straightbians, but also due to the number of real Lesbians who are too busy living their lives to get involved in online debates.


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