Time for a Pop Quiz!

Here’s a quick pop quiz to test basic reasoning skills.

Just answer “Yes” or “No” to each of the questions below:

1). Can a cat become a dog?

2). Can a pickle become a potato chip?

3). Can a horse become a cowboy?

4). Can chocolate become vanilla?

5). Can a tree become a rock?

6). Can a gay man or a lesbian become straight?

7). Can an Android become an iPhone?

8). Can a fork become a spoon?

9). Can a fish become a cow?

10). Can a heterosexual woman become a lesbian?

If you answered “No” to ALL of the questions on this quiz, congratulations! You are officially smarter than many people who have a Ph.D.!

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the questions on this quiz, have fun living in La-La Land.

5 thoughts on “Time for a Pop Quiz!

  1. A fork can become a spoon. That’s why the spork was invented. A tree can become a rock if it is petrified. I get your point though. I think the biggest reason that people believe some of the statements is that sexual fluidity is too often confused with being gay. It’s those dang straightbians causing issues again.

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    • Hi, Jen, great to see you! Excellent points, LOL, although it wouldn’t happen to those items without either a very long time under specific conditions (tree) or human engineering to create a new hybrid item (spork). They couldn’t just suddenly (“poof!”, LOL) change, Bewitched-style, into an entirely new entity, which (you’re exactly right!) is what Straightbians claim is possible. 😀

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  2. Gosh dang it, Genealogy Jen got in before me. The “spork” functions barely adequately as a spoon, and scarcely more satisfactorily as a fork. Just basic information about cutlery (flatware?). Any metaphorical application is entirely your own reading, not mine 👼.

    That said, there seems to be a rich, untapped vein of philosophy in silverware. It’s not difficult to eat your steak with a knife and spoon, whereas eating your soup with a fork is more challenging. Lest you think we are entirely in the realm of abstract speculation here, observe, if you get the chance, posh British people bravely eating peas off the wrong side of the fork, with the bold determination which built our Empire: thus far are we prepared to sacrifice feasibility for etiquette.

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