Time For Another Pop Quiz: Logic 101

Attention: Straight Females:

Regarding the widespread myth that the only criteria for any female to “magically become a Lesbian” is to have sex with another female, let’s take a quick quiz to test the “logic” of this ridiculous (yet shockingly prevalent) theory:

1). If you have sex with a male, do you magically become a male?

2). If you have sex with someone of another race, do you magically become that race?

3). If you have sex with someone of another nationality, do you magically become that nationality?

4). If you have sex with someone who is (fill-in-the-blank: short, tall, young, old,  middle-aged, fat, thin, athletic, clumsy, disabled, non-disabled, etc.), do you magically become that attribute?

5). If you are a perverted, sicko, disgusting freak, and have sex with a sheep, do you magically become a sheep?

As anyone with an IQ higher than fruitcake will quickly ascertain, the CORRECT answer to ALL of the above questions is a definitive “NO”.

Now, let’s do one last question to test the “logic” of our central question:

6). If you have sex with another female, do you magically “become a Lesbian”?

And the answer to #6 is another quite hearty “NO”!

Think about it. Seriously, really THINK about it.

Forget all of the ridiculous radfem rhetoric you have read that supposedly “empowers” women (by encouraging them to be something that they are not — which is not actually very “empowering” after all, now is it?).

Forget all of the salacious soundbites (“Lesbian Murders Lover’s Husband!”; “Lesbian Vampires Kill 2 in Bloodbath!”).

Forget the punchlines of sitcoms, forget the “Lesbian kiss” between 2 straight characters, forget the “Lesbian” TV series written by Straightbians — forget forget forget forget.

Seriously, just forget it all, forget all of the complete nonsense ever perpetuated about “Lesbians”, forget it, if even for just a moment, and please just THINK. THINK. THINK.

Can you really change your innate orientation? Can you really become something you are not?

The answer is “NO”. Nobody can. Not me, not you, not anybody. We are what we are; and wherever we go, there we are.

Lesbians cannot “become straight”, and straight females cannot “become Lesbians”.

It’s really quite simple, folks:

Do whatever you want, love whoever you want.

But please don’t call yourself “Lesbian” unless you are, in fact, AN ACTUAL LESBIAN.

I have learned the hard way that appealing to any inherent sense of logic, decency, or fairness is a completely lost cause with Straightbians. Straightbians’ deep-seated pathology, their entitled privilege, their barely-under-the-surface desperation, their narcissistic egocentrism, always trumps any sort of ethical principles.

So, Straightbians, don’t do the right thing for me, nor for any other Lesbians, since you obviously don’t give a crap about us (if you did, you wouldn’t be appropriating our lives with your lies) — no, instead, tell the truth for yourself:

Here’s the thing: If you are a straight female who is claiming to be a “Lesbian”, you are not being brave, nor radical, nor feminist: instead, you are a coward and a liar. You can never be your true self by denying the truth about yourself. Straightbian lives are a fragile house of cards, build on the flimsy foundation of an outright lie that they are “Lesbians”. Telling the truth about who you really are is the first step of rebuilding a life based on authenticity rather than unethical lies. It’s way past time for Straightbians of all varieties to stop using “Lesbian” as a shield, as a camouflage, as a costume, as a suit of armor, as a money-maker, as an attention-grabber, as a ticket to internet fame, and as a vehicle for your anger.


3 thoughts on “Time For Another Pop Quiz: Logic 101

  1. Insofar as I understand the “politicaLesbian” position, having sex with another female is neither a sufficient nor a necessary condition of being, or becoming a “lesbian”. I have known not a few radical feminists who described themselves as “non-practising lesbians”. They did not mean that in the same sense that I am a “non-practising” gay man, i.e. through lack of opportunity or incompetence due to discrepitude, but rather that they didn’t care much to have sex with women, but still felt fully entitled to arrogate the decriptor “lesbian” to themselves.

    That position enables them to “reclaim” all kinds of celibate (and possibly chaste) nuns and “spinster ladies” from history, and bring them under their “lesbian umbrella”. I’m sure some of those nuns and ladies must actually have been lesbians, but am I being too “male-analytical” in wanting to find out more about their lives, and decide it on a case-by-case basis?

    The requirements seem to be a rejection of sex with men and a “commitment” to women as a class, rather than (necessarily) an individual woman. I’m judging outside my sport now, but it doesn’t sound to me like a recipe for passionate (or even very caring) engagement. As you know, I *always* have more to say, but i try to limit myself to three paragraphs per comment, so I await other reactions to bounce off.

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    • Hi! Yes, it seems most Straightbians can be grouped into 2 general groupings (I am overgeneralizing, of course, but these 2 groups would account for the majority of Straightbians):

      1). Sexless

      2). Sexy.

      You are right that there is a group of Straightbians who even “eschew” (hahaha!) sex — they would say that (allegedly) putting women (or, the more likely spelling: womyn) first somehow qualifies them to “become a lesbian”. They are wrong.

      The second group is all about sex. They think that simply having sex with another female qualifies them to “become a lesbian”. They are also wrong.

      The only requirement for being a lesbian is innate orientation, something which neither Straightbian group has or can ever have….

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      • Saye, I’m sorry to cut the Gordian knot here, and I acknowledge that my lesdar is nowhere near as finely tuned as my gaydar, but don’t we just *know* lezzers and faggots when we meet them? It’s a poor lookout for us if we don’t. Straightbians are working hard to erase your identity and, obliquely, mine too. Be strong.

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