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What Comments Reveal


Image:  #PicsArt #FreeToEdit

Dear Rude Recent Wannabe-Commenter(s?),

You may be wondering why your comments did not get published, or perhaps you’d already guessed that your inane, snide comments would never make it through moderation. You may be one person making multiple attempts to comment, or you may be many people sending similar messages of juvenile name-calling and attempted insults. You may be truly functionally illiterate, or you may be attempting to disguise your true identity by pretending to be.

While there are obviously many things I do not know about you, I can discern enough from your now-deleted comments to make an educated guess about you and your motivations.

You feel that anyone who even questions your strongly-held beliefs is inherently evil and therefore must be intimidated, punished, and silenced, and you are under the very mistaken impression that you can hurt my feelings, silence me, or scare me.

You can call me a c*nt and a bitch and tell me that I am stupid and guilty (or “guiltie” as you spelled it in one comment), but spewing all the venom in the world will not make me shut up.

Here’s the thing: People who are truly balanced and content do not need to make trolling comments. People who are genuinely happy with their lives are too busy actually living their lives to troll a stranger’s blog.

So, next time you decide to make disparaging comments to me (or, for that matter, to anyone else), you really need to realize that your comments always say a lot more about you than they do about the intended recipient.

If you ever want to actually have a coherent, respectful, intelligent discussion, please let me know.

Otherwise, don’t even bother leaving comments like your recent ones, because not only will they never be published, you are only making yourself look pitiful.


Mrs. Dirt