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STRAIGHTBIAN Claims Dirt and Mrs Dirt are Extreme Trans Activists

In the more than dozen plus years I have been actively writing about/criticizing/myth dispelling/accurate info providing about transgenderism/cross-sex hormone use/transgender surgical mutilations coupled HEAVILY with and now centered on Lesbian biology/Lesbian psychology/Lesbian childhood/Lesbian Teen-hood/Lesbian adulthood etc, MANY MANY MANY trite illogical/ignorant/moronic/over-emotional/lamebrained, and imbecilic insults have come my way. But surely the MOST birdbrained of all has to be that Mrs Dirt and myself are a trans couple/trans activists!
Yes, you read that right. This rumour began (not surprisingly) after our UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series took off and has occasionally picked up steam. Apparently Mrs Dirt (as Hetsplained rumour has it) was born a man and transitioned to that of a trans(woman), while I was born a female but transitioned to that of a trans(man). (Hetsplained rumour also has it) that Mrs Dirt was/is an autogynephile (Het male who transitions) while I was a Lesbian who transitioned.
The mirth aspect of these particular rumours is not even that they have no merit whatsoever (clearly they dont), BUT that they make absolutely no biological transgender sense! But sense, linear thought, and biological reality are all (as our unSTRAIGHTening series has shown) foreign concepts to the STRAIGHTBIAN mind. For STRAIGHTBIANS, self-preservation trumps truth every time, and the work Mrs Dirt and I are doing threatens STRAIGHTBIANS living or dead (so it seems) to such an acute degree that even what we write on our own PERSONAL (albeit public) blogs is grounds for warning!

Despite a very glaring and blatant warning to read this blog at your our risk (or as the STRAIGHTBIAN case may be) at your own peril, STRAIGHTBIANS CANNOT STAY AWAY:

HER own peril as the case may be. Whether or not this is the STRAIGHTBIAN who started the trans rumours about Mrs Dirt and I, its clear this IS the STRAIGHTBIAN spreading them at THIS point in time. The first Twitter screencap is from a week ago and the second is from yesterday:

Now take a gander at this Facebook gem that fell into my lap (thanks to a Lesbian) this morning:

This makes it crystal clear there is a STRAIGHTBIAN driven (secret) group dedicated to slandering Mrs Dirt and myself, in a futile effort to silence Lesbian truths, Lesbian lives, Lesbian narratives, and Lesbian biology! And according to other FB posts that were shared with me, the admin of this group IS the STRAIGHTBIAN claiming Mrs Dirt and I are transgender!
Since this is still new info to Mrs Dirt and I and since we arent much familiar with STRAIGHTBIAN who is slandering us, we cannot tell you much more, as we ourselves are on a fact-finding mission as I write this. What I can tell you is that the Het woman/STRAIGHTBIAN driving the rumour mill bus is quickly headed for a dead-end street.
Unless STRAIGHTBIANS who have numbers and Het privilege on their side, Dykes have biology and biology trumps EVERYTHING!


Clearing Up Misconceptions (FAQ #3)

As usual, some “Lesbian feminists” are either actually misunderstanding, or, much more likely, deliberately “misunderstanding“, what Dirt and I say about Straightbians.


Image: PicsArt #FreeToEdit

Actual misunderstandings are always fine and normal;  however, willful “misinterpretations” are apparently being made by some, perhaps in order to get attention, to cause drama, and/or to ATTEMPT to derail the work Dirt and I are doing.

So, as an extension of my FAQs here and here, I wanted to do a 3rd FAQ to address these misinterpretations:

Misinterpretation #1).Dirt and Anna are trying to control women and/or control women’s thinking.”

Answer: No, nope, never, not even close.

Every woman is free to feel, think, say, or do whatever she wants. We have both said so numerous times, in a variety of ways.

We know what the truth is, but we understand that there are people who want to cling desperately to the false idea that every woman can be a Lesbian for a variety of reasons.

Believe, think, say, and do whatever you want, but “the proof is in the puddin'”, as Dirt’s granny would say.

Furthermore, we are truly flattered that anyone would think that we are magical wizards possessing the mysterious powers of mind control, but sadly, we are mere mortal bloggers.

Misinterpretation #2):  “Dirt and Anna think that they can just look at a woman’s picture on the internet and declare whether that woman is a Lesbian or not.”

Answer: Again, this is twisting the truth.

First of all, the women we wrote about in our Straightbian series all have extensive histories of writings, interviews, lectures, quotations, appearances, etc.  We didn’t just look at their pictures and BOOM! declare them “non-Lesbian”. There is extensive data available on each of the women we have written about.

Furthermore, however, what our critics don’t seem to understand is that there is indeed something called gaydar, which is real (and which I believe is an evolutionary-like response honed to identify each other in an often-hostile world).

The fact that these so-called “Lesbian” critics don’t understand that it is often possible to indeed identify another Lesbian by sight further suggests that they are not, in fact, Lesbians themselves.

Misinterpretation #3):  “Dirt and Anna are being abusive by ________ (fill in the blank with any action of your choice: existing; blogging; thinking; breathing; critiquing; telling the truth; tweeting; attempting to write anonymously; etc.).”

Answer: Huh?

As an astute commenter just said today on Dirt’s blog, to say that Dirt and I are “abusers” (or any similar accusation, such as “bullies”) is not only ludicrous, it is also an insult to actual survivors of any kind of real abuse.

Here’s a clue, Sherlock:

Writing on a blog, or tweeting, etc. is not “abuse”….it’s free speech. Reading what we say is completely optional. If you don’t like what we have to say it, don’t read it. And if you don’t like us, ignore us. Problem solved!

I’m sure that there is a buttload of subtweeting going on that I don’t even know about, but the above complaints are what have been screencapped and sent to us by several allies, so I will stop here for now.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me. As I said, true misunderstanding are normal and fine. I don’t mind answering questions and discussing topics.

What I do mind is drama.

Why I Use A Pseudonym. (Not That It Is Anyone’s Business).

UPDATE: “Mary Sue” has a gargantuan bug up her butt and just published my real name on Twitter, (purportedly) because:

Because I bet her real name is “Mary Sue” or “realbaddeeds”. Um…probably NOT! LOL

Oh, well. I have known that people could (and likely would) dox me all along, but I didn’t see any reason to make it easier for them by handing them my real name on a platter.

I still don’t.

People like “Mary Sue” spend much time and energy making the world a worse place to inhabit. “Mary Sue” and her ilk are pitiful, petty, mean-spirited cowards with too much time on their hands and too much hate in their hearts.

Poor “Mary Sue”, bless her tiny little dried-up Grinch-like heart; I honestly hope she catches a clue and gets a life, instead of continuing to waste her precious time on earth trying to hurt others.


I really shouldn’t have to answer the question of why I use a pseudonym, because,  quite frankly, it is nobody’s business.

Plus, I have already addressed this issue several times…here is just one such example:image-7

However, since a very annoying cockroach** who is trying to play Miss Marple in a boneheaded attempt to “out” my legal name, I’m doing this post to address this issue directly.

(**Note: I think it is one known individual with multiple accounts who is attempting to shit-stir, but of course, it’s also possible that it may be a whole roach motel involved. Whatever the case, the following points will apply regardless).

Here is the latest example of this ongoing nonsense. A brand-new “egg” account with no followers, no previous tweets, and not following anyone just randomly decides to bust my chops as their first tweet??  Hmmmm, that seems rather doubtful, but let’s take a look:


Poor “Mary Sue”.  Bless her heart.


Hahahaha! Did “Mary Sue” really think this was plausible?

Here are my comments to this sort of fishing expedition, listed in no particular order:

1). I have always been open that neither Saye Bennett nor Mrs. Dirt is my real name. This fact has been mentioned numerous times here, on Dirt’s blog, and on Twitter. Not a secret, Sherlock. Please try to keep up.

2). My real first name is Anna. As with #1, this information has been mentioned many times in multiple places.

3). By far, the main reason I write using an alias is to feel like I have the freedom to say whatever I want, in any way I want. I want to be able to talk about sex. I want to be able to be non-politically-correct. I want to be able to curse. I want to be able to talk about events in my life (using aliases for everyone involved, of course) without embarrassing and/or identifying anyone else.

4). Using a pseudonym for writing has been a very common practice for a very long time. It is not nefarious, new, surprising, or mysterious.

5). There are many legitimate and smart reasons (in addition to my primary reasons, listed above) that any woman might choose to not use her real name online. The most obvious reasons are: safety and privacy.  (Um…duh!!!).

6). Anyone who claims to love and respect women would understand — without explanation — why privacy and safety are important, and therefore, that person would refrain from perpetual attempts to publicly identify me or any other woman who chooses to write anonymously. Since this individual (or group?) persists in such activity, by definition, there is no true love or respect for women present.

7). Brazenly using your own name publicly and constantly posting publicly where you are at all times may seem brave, but in reality, it is very risky. To anyone who wants to reveal my identity: Please feel free to take those risks yourself, but don’t be presumptuous/arrogant enough to risk anyone else’s safety in your misguided and twisted quest.

8). I happily reveal my full name to anyone who needs to know it, including, for example, employers, licensure/certification entities, etc. I also reveal my real name to anyone I CHOOSE to tell. “Everybody on the internet” and “annoying butt-hurt assclown trying to cause trouble” are examples which obviously do NOT meet my criteria.

9). Rudely confronting someone out of the blue in an attempt to “jar” or “disquiet” her is never a smart approach. In fact, doing so is as transparent as it is stalker-like, disturbed, deranged, and quite frankly, pathological.


Creepy much?

In summary, I don’t intend to have this conversation again. Such ploys in the future will either be completely ignored, blocked, or sent the link to this post. Life is too short to deal with unwarranted, unwelcome, and senseless drama. 


I would say it’s been nice, but I would be lying.